Kite FAQs

How do I get Started?

A great way to start is with a trainer kite and many hours of practice. We highly recommend lessons to shorten the learning period and provide valuable feedback. Lessons can save time and take the frustration out of the learning curve.

Why Take lessons?

Our instructors are IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) certified. IKO-certified Instructors are passionate people trained to share their knowledge and expertise with their students. Learning how to kite with an IKO Instructor helps guarantee safety, satisfaction, and fun! 

Why Kiteboard in Alberta?

Wind in Alberta is very plentiful. This sport can be enjoyed year round, whether it be on land, water or snow. Harness this energy and experience all that kiteboarding has to offer. The kiteboard scene is Alberta is ever growing with a wide range of skilled riders, and great people. The annual Abrajam Kite Fest is just one of many fun & windy social events held throughout the year !

Is Kiteboarding hard?

Yes and No, Kiteboarding is a very technical sport with multiple aspects. With proper instruction and dedication, you could be kiting independently in a shorter amount of time. The key is commitment, the more time you spend the faster the progression.

Can anyone Kiteboard?

The kiteboard scene attracts an array of people, young & old. It helps to be in good shape, but good physical mobility is all that is needed. It's doesn't require as much physical strength as some think, previous board skills can be helpful but aren't necessary. Your first couple lessons are a good platform to test your abilities and prepare you for what's to come.     

Is it affordable ?

Like all sports, getting started is going to be the main cost. Once geared up, you can utilize your equipment for years to come. Used equipment holds its value and can be sold to help pay for new gear As you advance.