Ozone Subzero V2 (Kite Only)

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Size: 7m

The Ozone Subzero V2 is designed with some of the lightest materials available on the market, offering true performance increases and enhanced flying characteristics across all aspects. It inflates quicker, launches in lighter winds, flies faster, stays in the air longer in gusty conditions and is more reactive even in the lightest breeze.

The planform and profile combination delivers superior stability in flight, even when bashed by gusty winds. The optimized strap positions distribute load evenly throughout the sail, translating to smooth, predictable power delivery and snappy handling. Reduced bar pressure and lighter steering forces will let you ride all day without fatigue and intensify the feeling of a light kite.

The Subzero also allows the adventurous to push the boundaries of the snowy backcountry. It has incredible potential due to its fast direct handling and amazing power generation in light winds, but also big de-power in strong winds.

The Subzero’s enhanced stability makes difficult backcountry rides and mountain climbing more accessible and enjoyable. Combine that with our revolutionary Internal Re-Ride Release System and you have the ultimate backcountry Snowkite.

The Subzero V2 is available as a Kite Only option or Kite Complete with the Contact-Snow Control System and Technical Mountain Backpack.

Internal Re-Ride Release System:
The Internal Re-Ride Release System is the result of two years research and development by Ozone's design team and pro riders, with the aim to create the safest system on the market. The goal was to have a release system that once activated the kite can easily be re-launched without having to untangle or clear any lines. The unique Re-Ride Release System stalls the kite with an internal line – the kite de-powers instantly without tangling and will sit on the ground ready to re-launch when you're ready again.

Another advantage of our Internal Re-Ride Release System is the land and secure option. The Secure Loop can be found in the 5th line approx 2m up from the control bar. To land the kite simply pull the 5th line through the chicken loop until you reach the Secure Loop. The kite will stall and fall to the ground without any pull. Use the Secure Loop in the 5th line to keep the kite on the ground - it can either be hooked onto a carabineer on your harness or over the bar horn. This makes landing and packing your kite safe and easy even in high winds.

Ozone Subzero features include:

  • Direct and responsive handling
  • Easy and controllable power
  • Huge Depower range - Speed system provides amazing progressive power increase ability with gust spilling depower.
  • Double Pulley Speed System giving mental D-Power range and faster turning speed
  • Mesh openings for clean air intake and extra strength
  • Partially closed cell leading edge for ultimate performance
  • New brake fan design to ensure a cleaner and easier landing stall
  • Clean aerodynamic profile - No wrinkles, perfection in manufacture and design.
  • Highest grade materials used throughout the kite and bar system to certified paraglider standards and bullet proof re-enforcement in high stress areas.
  • Fast turning with constant power.
  • Open Celled depower foil - No Hassles launching or landing in light or strong winds.
  • Technical backcountry mountain backpack with room for 2 kites.
  • Simple and easy to launch or land without assistance - Just unwind and GO.
  • Perfect bar pressure with direct and responsive handling producing insane POP.
  • Highest quality 40d nylon rip-stopmaterial with bullet proof re-enforcement
  • Sleeved bridles (Un-sleeved bridles stretch and snow/ice forms creating problems).

The Ozone Subzero is available as kite only.

  • Ozone Subzero / Subzero Ultralite Power Kite
  • Compressor type bag 
  • Detailed manual, stickers, and key-ring
  • Spare parts and repair materials